About The C.E.OHM

The C.E.OHM guides game changers and changemakers in their quest of finding that unapologetic ambition and uncompromising quality of life. A life and business in which every pillar weighs equally. Where building epic relationships is just as important as building revenue. Where feeling healthy is not less important than having a healthy business. Where personal growth is equally important as growing your business. Because nobody should have to choose between creating something epic and living the life to match.  

How, you may ask? Through a carefully curated selection of coaching services, programs, courses, events and products. Everything we do is based on the 'go big AND go home' principle', meaning our work combines the strategic, organisational and hands-on techniques required to' go big', as well as the more holistic and mindful practices to make that hastle sustainable and 'go home'. I've been there. 

I've gone big AND I've gone home. And now I'm here to supprt you navigate that spectrum with ease and intention to create the results you want in your business and life.

The GO BIG toolset, skillset and mindset is based on my experience in hustling and grinding my way to success. To build a business from my kitchen table while basically being clueless AF. Over those years of entrepreneurial experience, I can say I learned some pretty important things. Things I wish I knew before that whole rollercoaster ride started. This experience allows me to support you launch or scale the sh*t out of your business by helping you gain the right strategies, skills, and support.  

The GO HOME aspect of out work features that other side of the medal. I know how it is to have stress as a default. To measure success purely by money, status, and career. But let me tell you: that’s BS! (Pardon my French.) I was that entrepreneur so focused – no, obsessed – with “success” that I lost touch with everything else. Including myself. And that sucks, I tell ya. With the GO HOME side of our work, we will scratch… no, shatter the traditional work/life paradigm and this outdated concept of success. And replace it with unapologetic ambition and uncompromising quality of life.  

With our coaching, courses and events based on these founding principles The C.E.OHM helps you to build the business of your dreams and live a life to match. Are you ready for it?  


Yaela, who?

I’ve built a multimillion-dollar company from my own kitchen table, grinded and hustled my way to success. Until, - plot twist! – I ended up completely burnt out, overworked, and out of touch with myself. Through ups and downs, I managed to turn my life around and find a different way of being. A more holistic way, yet one that didn't stifle my ambition and drive. One thing was clear...this was not the way. Not for me and not for so many others. It was time to share my experience and learnings with other just like me. No entrepreneur left behind...not on my watch!

From kitchen table to multimillion-dollar business At a young age, I worked my way up in the hospitality industry to eventually start my own business from my kitchen table. I had only one mode here: grinding hard. That way, the kitchen table dream turned into the leading hospitality storytelling agency. A multi-national, multimillion-dollar company. All while having a baby on one arm and another one crying in the background. It was a rocky road of countless fuck-ups, dirty diapers, highlights, and deep lows. How I dealt with it? Hustling. Even. Harder. This got me very far, but also far away from myself. And it eventually even got me to the emergency room. Drained, overwhelmed, and just feeling like utter sh*t. 

From workaholic to tree hugger Things needed to change. And as cliché as it might sound, I went on a yoga retreat in Bali. Mind you, as someone living on adrenaline and caffeine, I was not the type to do this. To say the absolute least. But luckily, I did it anyway. And hey, another cliché: it changed my life. I neglected a big part of my life by being so damn obsessed with career. Being ambitious is part of me, but I also needed to focus on the rest of me. All of me.  

Fast forward a couple of years. I moved away from the city of Amsterdam to the nature of New Zealand, adopted a new lifestyle, and sold the company I built from scratch. I know, quite the plot twist. But of course, I didn’t just sit still and meditate in the wilderness. My name wouldn’t be Yaela Raber if I did. I founded The C.E.OHM to help others going through the same struggles as I did. 

I understand the struggles that this new generation of entrepreneurs is going through. And with The C.E.OHM, I serve them my advice on a silver plate of realness. A plate I wished I had myself.