Are you ready to unlock your Quantum success?

You've got this. I know you do. You have built your business from scratch over the past few years. Sure, you've seen your share of ups and downs but you've always managed to learn and grow from the experience. You're doing all right, scratch're doing pretty damn well! Then why the expertly tied sailors knot in your stomach? Why the nights staring at the ceiling? Why the moments of nearly throwing the towel in the ring?

I'll tell you why. It's not because there's something wrong with you. Oh no my love! I have been there. There and back. I have done 'all the right things' and even achieved 'all the right results' but always, ALWAYS, walked around feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. No matter what milestone I got to tick off the list, it was never enough. No matter how hard I hustled, that next level in my business (whether that was in revenue, impact or time) always seemed just out of reach. So close I could almost taste it, but never quite attainable. It wasn't until years (and about a gazillion hours and dollars of coaching, courses and trial & error) later that I was able to crack the code and realised I was chasing some one-size-fits-all version of success, not quantum success. I was building a cookie-cutter business, not a quantum business. And with that simple realisation, the game was changed.


So what is the Quantum Business Mastermind anyway?

Consider the Quantum Business Mastermind the much-needed tune-up of your business. The upgrade if you will. Not because your business is broken, but because you know there is so much more in there yet to be unlocked. So much more potential, so much more growth, so much more joy, creativity, impact, wealth, connection...the list goes on and on.

The Quantum Business Mastermind is a 12 week group coaching program for entrepreneurial spirits & spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready for that next level in their business (and through that in their life!) It's 12 weeks of connecting and collaborating with likeminded entrepreneurs from all over the world. It's 12 weeks of diving into the 6 key pillars of Quantum Business. It's 12 weeks of learning, coaching, implementing and taking quantum leaps towards your goals.

The world is shifting at lightning speed at the moment and you have a choice. Do you freeze or are you ready to jump on in and ride this wave all the way to your next level?

The power of proximity and masterminding in your business..

There's an old African proverb that says: "you want to go fast? go alone. You want to go far? go together" And boy...ain't that the truth?! For many years I did the typical entrepreneurial thing and 'lone-wolfed it' all the way. Asking for support was considered weakness in my book. Comparing notes seemed silly. Collaborating was unheard of. Not only did years and years of that mentality leave me feeling alone, misunderstood and frankly quite resentful, it also completely limited my results. By wanting to do it all (by) myself, I was actually blocking my business growth and success. Capping my income, impact and in full quality of life! The first ever mastermind I joined blew me away. The relationships, opportunities and results that flowed from that experience still impact my business and life today. Now it's a non-negotiable in my business. By constantly surrounding myself with people who have been where I'm headed and people with the same level of drive and vibe as me, my business and my life constantly level up. That's why I'm so excited to now share this with you. Welcome to the Quantum Business Mastermind.

It's time to shift. If you do what you've always done, you'll no longer get what you've always gotten.

Is the Quantum Business Mastermind the right fit for me?

Let's find out, shall we? Listen, I'm not gonna lie to you. This work and this specific mastermind is not for everyone. And that is totally fine!

It is of the utmost importance to me to make sure the people in the Quantum Business Mastermind are a perfect fit. A perfect fit with my coaching style, the content of the mastermind and of course, a perfect fit for each other. By doing that, I know that your growth, experience and ultimately...your quantum success is inevitable. There is so much power in growth in aligning yourself with people who 'get you'. People who are on a similar journey albeit in totally opposite industries or ends of the world. People with similar vibes, belief systems and drives. That's why the Quantum Business Mastermind is open by application only.

If you see yourself in the description below, apply now for one of the 12 spots available. Based on that we will schedule a so-called connection call to chat, iron out any questions you may have and to get this quantum business party started!


Hey you! I'm so happy to see you here. I know you are so ready for this mastermind because...

✧ You have been in business for at least 1-3 years.

✧ You are unapologetically ambitious, ready for quantum growth AND done with the hustle, lone-wolf mentality.

✧ You are the proud owner of a 'growth mindset' and are open to intentional innovation, aligned action, soulful scaling and a little magic.

✧ You know...and I mean KNOW, I am talking to you.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the application and schedule your connection call today. Because darling, your next level quantum in business, life and success is just one simple decision away.

You're the sum of the people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely!

What will you learn, experience and create in YOUR Quantum Business Mastermind?


  • DATES: Next round 23 August 2021 (22 August for Europe / U.S.)
  • DURATION: 12 weeks
  • CALLS: 12 in total. 6 module trainings & 6 coaching sessions
  • TIMES: *To be announced based on the timezones of our epic group.
  • All calls will be recorded and replays sent in case you can't make it to a live session.
  • INVESTMENT: $3555,- or 3 X $1350, ,- (prices in USD)
  • VIP: VIP upgrade $3999 includes 2 one-on-one coaching calls
  • AVAILABILITY: Access via application or invitation only
  • COACH: This mastermind is hosted by Yaela Raber (THE C.E.OHM)

The Quantum Business Mastermind is a 12-week, online business coaching program and mastermind. Together with a small group of like-minded, like-vibed and like-driven kick-ass entrepreneurs from all over the world, you will embark on the biggest upgrade your business and life has ever seen.

I'm talking quantum leaps as we fly through the 6 key pillars of quantum success. Each module is a delicious combination of learning new strategies, tools and distinctions mixed with instant implementation (we're all about aligned action and walking the walk. To top it all off, every module includes a hot-seat style coaching call for that personalised and in-depth support.

Sounds epic right? Let's take a look at some of the deets...

If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

The 6 pillars to Quantum Success. Game Changed!

The stuff they don't teach you in business school

Listen, I know you are already killing it in business. You know your industry, your brand and all the strategies and templates that are out there. You wouldn't be here if you didn't already kick some serious ass. But you and I both know there's more out there for you. You may not know exactly what it looks like and how to get there, but there is no doubt that there's a next level for you to explore.

This is what the Quantum Business Mastermind is all about. It's about taking the epic foundations you've already built and infusing them with a carefully curated and created selection of quantum business tools. What are those you ask? Let's dive straight in!

Module 1 - Connect

The first two weeks of the mastermind are all about the foundations. You will be creating your own personalised success blueprint, setting up your morning mastery practices and getting clear on a vision for what you're going to create within and through the mastermind.

Module 2 - Align

The next phase is to align your current business and reality to the vision and blueprint you've created in Module 1. In Align we will do your alignment audit, set laser focused goals for your quantum journey. We will also create your unique success dashboard and define, design and align your ideal workweek.

Module 3 - Design

It's time to get creative! Module 3 is all about designing your soulful business strategy, leveraged business models, revenue optimisation and all things money mindset & management.

Module 4 - Build

Now we're talking! Let's build these dreams into a reality. We look at setting up your sexy systems (yeah, it's a thing!), your roadmap to success and your badass back-office.

Module 5 - Share

Are you ready to scream it off the rooftops? Of course you're part of the Quantum Business Mastermind! In these two weeks we focus on all things branding, storytelling, marketing and enrolment. We will also work on building your tribe and setting up a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Module 6 - Embed

As we're nearing the end of our 12 weeks together, it's time to make sure that all of these new plans, systems and practices are deeply anchored into your business and life. It's all about building a business and a way of being that lights you up and lasts. In this module we create your personalised checklists, scripts for success and reporting systems to keep this epic momentum going.

A year from now you'll wish that you had started today.

Oh hello! enchanté. Let me introduce myself.

So this is me. My name is Yaela and I am the founder of THE C.E.OHM; an intuitive business coaching practice through which I get to support entrepreneurial spirits and spiritual entrepreneurs to 'Going big AND going home'. This for me is all about being unapologetically ambitious AND uncompromising in your quality of life. All about creating big impact, big income AND living a big life on your terms. After 10 years of hustling my previous company from the kitchen table to a multi-national, multi-million $ business I've finally found a (quantum) success formula that allows me to achieve more with so much more flow, ease and not to! I now get to coach epic entrepreneurs worldwide through implementing these game changing principles into their business and lives.

F.A.Q. this is awesome!

Everything you never knew you wanted to to know about the Quantum Business Mastermind

What is the difference between a mastermind and 1-on-1 coaching? and why join a mastermind.

The main difference is of course the group size. One-on-one coaching like THE C.E.OHM 3-month Deep Dive is fully tailor-made to your needs and business. A mastermind however, is an online group-coaching format. The group setting allows for people to learn with and from eachother. The transformation that can happen in a group container is amplified. A second huge benefit is the connections that are formed. These groups often end up collaborating, supporting and co-creating on many levels.

What results / return can I expect? and what was the required investment again?

As with anything in life, the results you create can only be equal or greater than the input you invest. Therefore the result on an individual level are fully dependent on how you 'show up' within the mastermind. Having said that, the program, the container and the group have been deliberately designed in a way to allow for the greatest transformation, growth and elevation possible. We've set you up for success, quantum success.

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

Oh you will know ;) If you have read this landingpage and feel called, excited and a tiny bit nervous...then you know you're in exactly the right place at the right time.

Apply now via this link and schedule your very own clarity call with me to get to know each other, chat and get any questions you may have cleared up.

What happens if I can't join the live calls?

The Quantum Business Mastermind in an online program. All calls will be scheduled with the utmost consideration for the different timezones of the mastermind members. If you can't make it to one or more of the live calls, no worries! All calls and content will be recorded and shared with you. So you can rewatch in your own time. This content will stay available to you also long after the mastermind finishes. So you can ALWAYS go back, start again, refresh certain topics and create another upgrade in your business.

I'm not really spiritual. How woowoo is this?

If all the 'woowoo' isn't your jam, don't worry about a thing! You're in great company here. The Quantum Business Mastermind incorporates what I like to call practical spirituality. It draws upon universal laws and principals but is completely fluff-free and pragmatic.

I don't meet all the application conditions but would love to be considered. Can I still apply?

While we are very discerning in the selection process, we also acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all to Quantum Business. If you are unsure and don't fit all the criteria as described above, yet feel called to join. Please let us know why in your application and we'll have a chat in your clarity call.

How much does it cost to join the Mastermind?

The Mastermind requires an investment of USD $2555 or 3 payments of $999.

An upgrade to a VIP experience including 2 1:1 coaching sessions would bring your total investment to $3250,-

I have some other questions. Where can I best address these?

You can always reach out with anything and everything via and I'll personally get back to you!

Woohoo! I'm ready to go all in on ME!

This is it! I am so ready to go all-in on myself, my business and my next level. I'm excited to collaborate and co-create with like-minded kick-ass entrepreneurs from all over the world and most of all I am ready to create my own quantum success. Bring it on!

Sign up below to be added to the waiting list and book your FREE discovery call for the next QBM round!

Don't take my word for it...

This is what others have to say about THE C.E.OHM

Yaela works with both her head and her heart. Not only she is very resourceful but she just gets it: you, your vision, your talent, your fears, all of it! and she has the power (innate, I think) to use all of you to make you grow and thus, your business. I love her strong and positive energy, as much as I admire the woman, mom and business leader that she is. Yaela is the kind of person who challenges you, lifts you up, and won’t let you give up on your amazing ideas!

Joëlle Smaniotto | My Healthy Cities | Essentially Me | THAILAND & HONG KONG.

Yaela is the type of person that lights up a room instantly. I've had the pleasure of following her 1:1 deep dive business coaching track and she helped me clear my strategic plans, work on my team management skills and re-focus my longterm goals. I would recommend her immediately to any entrepreneur who is looking for that next step with her or his business.

Emilie Sobels | #workmode | The Selfmade Summit | RISE | THE NETHERLANDS

Yaela is just a real powerhouse. She is so grounded and anchored at all times, which gives her the ability to hold space for big transformations and deep-dives. She is very sensitive but practical, goal-oriented and purpose-driven. Yaela catches you exactly where you are and takes you where you want to go within such a short period of time.Yaela truly is the absolute dream coach! She not only helps you create the business that you want, she has the power to help you create a whole new reality.

Milena Dubs | Celestial Coaching | Spiritual Practitioner | SWITSERLAND

When I decided to invest in myself and hire a business coach, I couldn't have imagined the immense growth both personally and professionally that would be waiting for me on the other side. Not only do I experience so much more enjoyment and pleasure in running my business (Lakwerk), but I also have so much space and energy to turn other dreams and goals into reality. Gaining clarity on what I'm truly masterful in and genuinely enjoy, has turned my day to day into a party!

Jessica Scholten | Co-founder LAKWERK | THE NETHERLANDS

Working with Yaela was just the refresher I needed, after a crazy year of trying to consolidate so many areas of my life I was at a point where I had to refocus and set clear intentions about my next 6 months. Yaela knows exactly how to flow with her clients in a way that is supportive, fulfilling and gets you excited for LIFE! Yaela brings out the best in her clients in a way that makes you look deeper into areas you never knew you needed to.

Sheila Ye | Founder & C.E.O Smartspace | NEW ZEALAND

Yaela is a powerhouse!!  Not only is she full to the brim of knowledge and expertise, but she makes doing business FUN!  Something I really value about her as a Success Coach is that she is a woman who walks the talk and has taken everything she has learned from building multiple successful businesses for herself and now helps her clients with very real, practical, and tangible tools to really up level their business. 

Laurita Gorman | Holistic Psychotherapist | Feminine Embodiment Coach | AUSTRALIA

What I love about Yaela is that she walks the talk. She is the embodiment of what she teaches. She is one of a kind, heart centered,  involved in your business AND well-being. She is the one you can count on, and keeps you accountable. Most of all I am deeply grateful for her presence, her humor (!), and love. I highly recommend Yaela to everyone, she will help you make a difference in your life.

Willemijn Welten | Manifestation Expert | Speaker | Author | THE NETHERLANDS

Working with Yaela was so much fun!! She helped me go from Overwhelm to Action within minutes of our first session. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and embodies everything she teaches. I am SO excited about my business now. Having Yaela in my corner has completely changed the game for me.

Summer Matthews | T-shirt queen at Awakened Emporium | AUSTRALIA