Ready to go big AND go home? 

It's time to create an epic business and a life on your terms to match.

Hey, you!

My name is Yaela and I’m the founder of The C.E.OHM; a business dedicated to supporting you entrepreneurial spirits and spiritual entrepreneurs out there in going big AND going home. Being unapologetically ambitious AND uncompromising in your quality of life. In killing it in business AND slaying your personal growth. You get the gist.  

During my 15+ years as an entrepreneur, hustling and grinding my way to “success”, I freakin’ wished there was a coach like that. But there wasn’t. All these coaches, books, and tools all focused on one thing: business strategy, money mindset, and career-building. Then I dove into mindfulness, spirituality and yoga. And again, just focusing on one thing: a happy life and fulfilling relationships. But I want both. And I believe you need both. Building a business with great impact and results AND living a life to match, shouldn't be mutually exclusive. It should be the baseline.

Through many ups and downs, I built a blueprint that creates a life and business by design - not by default. And I can help you build that blueprint as well. How? With no-nonsense, high-impact intuitive business and success coaching, courses and (online) events all geared towards getting you the skillset, toolset and mindset to create the business and life of your dreams.  


You get to be unapologetically ambitious AND uncompromising in your quality of life.

Sure. But how?

Getting this holistic hustle going doesn’t mean you’ll be chilling in your yoga pants, reciting affirmations, and trying to meditate your way to success. Hell no! It means that together, we’ll find your unique set of tools to unleash your professional potential while living a balanced life that works for you. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ here. With 100% BS-free, strategy-fuelled yet soul-centered tools, The C.E.OHM combines the most effective business and personal growth strategies into the approach that’s right for you.


Don't take my word for it...

This is what others have to say about THE C.E.OHM

Yaela works with both her head and her heart. Not only she is very resourceful but she just gets it: you, your vision, your talent, your fears, all of it! and she has the power (innate, I think) to use all of you to make you grow and thus, your business. I love her strong and positive energy, as much as I admire the woman, mom and business leader that she is. Yaela is the kind of person who challenges you, lifts you up, and won’t let you give up on your amazing ideas!

Joëlle Smaniotto | My Healthy Cities | Essentially Me | THAILAND & HONG KONG.

Yaela is the type of person that lights up a room instantly. I've had the pleasure of following her 1:1 deep dive business coaching track and she helped me clear my strategic plans, work on my team management skills and re-focus my longterm goals. I would recommend her immediately to any entrepreneur who is looking for that next step with her or his business.

Emilie Sobels | #workmode | The Selfmade Summit | RISE | THE NETHERLANDS

Yaela is just a real powerhouse. She is so grounded and anchored at all times, which gives her the ability to hold space for big transformations and deep-dives. She is very sensitive but practical, goal-oriented and purpose-driven. Yaela catches you exactly where you are and takes you where you want to go within such a short period of time.Yaela truly is the absolute dream coach! She not only helps you create the business that you want, she has the power to help you create a whole new reality.

Milena Dubs | Celestial Coaching | Spiritual Practitioner | SWITSERLAND

When I decided to invest in myself and hire a business coach, I couldn't have imagined the immense growth both personally and professionally that would be waiting for me on the other side. Not only do I experience so much more enjoyment and pleasure in running my business (Lakwerk), but I also have so much space and energy to turn other dreams and goals into reality. Gaining clarity on what I'm truly masterful in and genuinely enjoy, has turned my day to day into a party!

Jessica Scholten | Co-founder LAKWERK | THE NETHERLANDS

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