Ready to go big AND go home? 

Create an epic business and live a personal life to match.

Hey, you!

My name is Yaela and I’m the founder of The C.E.OHM; a business dedicated to supporting you entrepreneurial spirits and spiritual entrepreneurs out there in going big AND going home. Being unapologetically ambitious AND uncompromising in your quality of life. In killing it in business AND slaying your personal growth. You get the gist.  

During my 15+ years as an entrepreneur, hustling and grinding my way to “success”, I freakin’ wished there was a coach like that. But there wasn’t. All these coaches, books, and tools all focused on one thing: business strategy, money mindset, and career-building. Then I dove into mindfulness, spirituality and yoga. And again, just focusing on one thing: a happy life and fulfilling relationships. But I want both. And I believe you need both. Building a business with great impact and results AND living a life to match, shouldn't be mutually exclusive. It should be the baseline.

Through many ups and downs, I built a blueprint that creates a life and business by design - not by default. And I can help you build that blueprint for your life as well. How? With no-nonsense, high-impact business and success coaching, courses and events all geared towards getting you the skillset, toolset and mindset to create the business and life of your dreams.  


Be unapologetically ambitious AND uncompromising on quality of life.

Sure. But how?

Getting this holistic hustle going doesn’t mean you’ll be chilling in your yoga pants, reciting affirmations, and trying to meditate your way to success. Hell no. It means that together, we’ll find your unique set of tools to unleash your professional potential while living a balanced life that works for you. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ here. With 100% BS-free, strategy-fueled yet soul-centered tools, The C.E.OHM combines the most effective business and personal growth tricks into the approach that’s right for you.


Those who know me say this:

"Yaela is someone I deeply admire for taking her own journey of corporate burnout to whole life nourishment out to others to share the wisdom and tools she's learned to truly have it all in life. This is such important work that she is doing.... to really allow her clients to reconnect to themselves and what matters most, while still making an impact in their work and leadership... absolutely invaluable for anyone who feels on the brink of burnout or wanting more out of life!"

Alexi Panos

Entrepreneur | Activist | Author | Mother

“I have known Yaela for over 2 years & I can highly recommend her as a business coach because of her extensive experience in the field running her own successful multi million dollar business. She is a heart centered, passionate, driven individual who is committed to continuously up leveling not only all areas of her life but also the lives of those who are lucky enough to work with her. She is the perfect balance of softness and take no shit attitude." 

Sunniva Holt

No.1 Best Selling Author | Mindset Coach | Motivational Speaker

"Yaela is one of those beautiful combos of intelligent, sharp, sassy yet also kind, deeply wise and warm. She emanates grace and is without a doubt one of those women you just know you need in your corner."

Emily Gallagher

Conscious Boss

"Yaela really knows her stuff. She has helped me with different areas of my businesses, which have had such positive results! I’m really grateful I had her on my side! Yaela is such a great support on all the things you encounter in business whilst being an epic human that turns your issues into ease. I would highly recommend her! Thankyou! Yaela."

Blythe Langford

Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Coach | Consultant

"Yaela is a beautiful soul, she knows her stuff and is so generous with her expertise, experience and knowledge. She is a powerful, down to earth business women who's message is rooted in service. Everyone needs a Yaela on their team."

Daisy Moore

Life Coach

"What I love about Yaela is that she walks the talk. She is the embodiment of what she teaches. She is one of a kind, heart centered, involved in your business AND well-being. She is the one you can count on, and keeps you accountable. Most of all I am deeply grateful for her presence, her humor (!), and love. I highly recommend Yaela to everyone, she will help you make a difference in your life."

Willemijn Welten

Energy Coach