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THE C.E.OHM as your keynote

Renowned motivational speaker and workshop facilitator Yaela Raber is known for her no-nonsense, high-impact talks. 

Featured on international stages such as The Women Economic Forum and the Selfmade Summit, she inspires and lights a loving fire under the behinds of her audiences. 

Yaela speaks on all things entrepreneurship, success, creating a business and life by design and shares her personal transformative story. Some of her most popular keynote topics include:

  • Success - when one size doesn’t fit all - The why, how and when to start designing, defining and living YOUR version of success.
  • Burning In! - The burn-out antidote - How do we navigate this burn-out epidemic? By taking radical responsibility and burning in! Practical practices and tolls to combat depletion and disconnect.
  • From multi-million dollar boss bitch to treehugger and back - The unusual story of a young self-made millionaire who lost ‘it all’ only to find so much more.  

Speaking details

  • Half-day sessions
  • Price: Exact pricing based on specific booking variables. $1750-3000,- Ex. taxes, travel and per diem cost. 

Corporate workshops for teams  

Need some extra fire in your company? Book the Burning In workshop now.

The Burning In workshop in an interactive, experiential corporate workshop designed to support your employees in proactively battling burn-out symptoms.

Burning In provides employees with the skillset, mindset and toolset to reignite their inner fire so they can truly bring the heat to their work, their lives and their environment.  

Workshop details:

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Price: Exact pricing based on specific booking variables. $1500-2500,- Ex. taxes & travel.  

*Looking for a tailor-made workshop or multiple day/ department sessions? 

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